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What you didn't know about Sew-In Extensions.

Sew-ins is ideal for quality bundles which can be recycled over long periods of time. They're many unique techniques when installing sew-in hair extensions. You may have heard of some like The Versatile, The Vixen, and Braidless just to name a few. A full sew-in can take a few hours, and there are some time-saving methods such as a quick sew-in which a stylist will cut the number of braids or cut the wefts to shorten the process. An experienced stylist should complete the service within 2-4 hours and should be worn no longer than two months to maintain hair integrity. Sew-ins are perfect for transitioning from short to long hair, to add fullness, or just unleashing your inner Vixen. Regretfully, the weight of hair extensions on thinning hair can cause stress, but a protein treatment before install will remedy the stress. Likewise, a dandruff treatment will counteract dryness and dandruff during the duration of your sew-in extension. I want to Empower you with these must-have for your sew-in extensions: 1) TRESemme Fresh Start Basic Dry Shampoo makes it easy to keep oily hair looking gorgeous. This weightless formula is infused with vitamin B12 and keratin and leaves hair looking clean and healthy, without a drop of water. It’s brilliant for busy days between washes or a quick refresh after the gym 2) Wild Root Hair Oil is a complete Root to End Hair Care System that will protect growth, strengthen, texturally transform, and protect your hair in all chemical, temperature, and moisture extremes by delivering nutrients to your hair while extensions are installed. 3) Willie David Hair Extension just to finish the look.


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