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Im Willie Pretti

All my life I was told I was Ugly and I would not amount to Shit! Thank God, that I was not aiming for that. I turned every negative into a stream of income and became the “First” in my family to do what generations could not....Succeed though perseverance. 

Willie David Hair was created because someone told me that little boys can not do hair, now I have an Executive Suite Salon catering to Women of an Exceptional caliber. Which birth the #WillieExperienceTheDifference culture where at my Salon you will experience that THING that makes us Different all while getting PRETTI and drinking your personal Moscato. 

#ImWilliePretti because I had no self esteem, being called Ugly everyday of my adolescent life, that I would not amount to anything, and other derogatory things. Telling myself I was PRETTI was the first step to my inner confidence affirming myself. Now I affirm others teaching them to be PRETTI and how to capitalize off of everything everyone said negatively about them. 

Our mantra is: I’m Powerful enough to make it happen. I’m Resilent enough to keep trying. I will Encourage myself to keep going. I’m Tenacious enough to believe it will happen. I’m trained by life to overcome and I’m Invincible so no one can stop me but ME. I’m breaking barriers, Overcoming obstacles, paying it forward, taking the leaps, standing firm, and moving mountains, because #ImWilliePretti. 

I am a Man even though you may hear someone call me Sis. I’m a United States Veteran that was not ask, so I didn’t tell. I’m a introvert all though my personality YELLS extrovert. My smile is contagious cause I paid for it. My walk is fierce and my stance is firm. I am a father to two daughters who chosed me. I am a Pa-Pa to a grand daughter who thinks the world is mine. My presence fills the room because I am seen and I am heard. Who Am I?  I am Willie David, Miami’s Bad Boy, and Unapologetically Too Pretti. 

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