We use the SilkOut System Haircare products to bring Care back to your Hair

We specialize I all textures of hair ad every atioality of guest.

Pretti Press Multi-Texture Hair

Who he Willie is?

Willie David

Willie David is the COO of Willie David Hair, with over 15 years experience managing salons and servicing women. His background in brand strategy, business management, marketing,  accounting, and budgeting exhibits his professional mindset and eccentric approach.

Willie  is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances hair integrity. He considers hisself a "resilient come back kid," no matter what life throws Willie David is always eager to learn from his mistakes, rise from the ashes, and continue fighting with an enthusiasm to get to the next level. His valleys in life gave him the knowledge and determination needed to turn information to strategies; strategies to action; and action to move mountains. 

Willie David learned to look at every experience differently and pay it forward with his hair motto: Willie Experience the Difference. He is a United States Army Veteran who ironically has been an Executive Assistant for Miami Dade County, University of Miami, Bayview Mental Health, Department of Transportation, and Cedars Medical Center to name a few.  There he learn the skills how to serve. 

When he is not in the salon you can find him in Michael Kors doing Stress -Therapy, in church giving thanks for overcoming, or at home continuing to build his brand and do his part to give people hope.  

"The Impossible is just a Miracle waiting to happen"