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No shows and late cancellations will be charged $10  or the fee will be added to the service of your next appointment. After 2 No Show appointments a credit card will be required to book all future appointments. 

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Willie David Hair has all your haircare needs providing you with the quality products we used to service you.  we also carry Full Lace wigs, Lace Frontals, extensions, and more 

25% Off (3 Days Only)

You made it Epic for your child's Prom. You cheered in utter madness at the graduation. You are preparing for the trunk parties and dropping them off at college, to Experience all that life has to offer. But do not forget to book your personal Experience. Willie David Hair would like to show our gratitude towards our community continued success. We are offering 25% Off on all services equal or greater than $60

Our E3 Memberships

Your just a click away from receiving a discount for every service by purchasing a Membership

Who is Willie David Hair

We are Engaging

We are Engaging in our Community to collectively Overcome one Experience at a time. With our Economic Relief Membership and Pay if Forward fund we are collectively helping overcome the challenges that Low Income families face. 

We are Empowering

Willie David Hair Miami is not just your average salon we are a plethora of information that we share Empower our Clients to reach their full potential, accomplish their aspirations, achieve  their wildess dreams, and  to look fabulous doing it.

We are EcoFriendly

65% of Willie David Hair products are recyclable with a code of 1, 2, or 5.  10% of our shampoo and conditioners are Cruelty free.  We do not use any Formaldehyde Keratin treatments nor use ammonia base hair color.  We are doing our part to have a safer environment for tomorrow. 

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Engaging the Community. Empowering their Lives. to Experience the Difference

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Willie David Hair

1490 NW 3rd Ave, Suite 104-1, Miami, Florida 33136, United States

(754) 800-9343


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